Too Many Items for 1.9!

Posted by : Questshooter | On : September 23, 2011

Hey everybody, having some trouble playing Minecraft 1.9pre? Or sooner or later 1.9 it self? Well obviously that’s why you are epikally here! Because of the awesome guy named Marglyph, who is epically epic. Anyway, TMI has been released for 1.9, Hallelujah! Even though I don’t play pre-releases. I mean what’s the point of Minecraft 1.9 Beta Beta. Because it’s the beta, of a beta game. so Thankfully thats quite epic ain’t it! Anyway this mod also support other mods such as – all of them. Thank you Margylph, for making this asap!


How to Use Too Many Items 1.9pre and 1.9

Turn On/Off b y pressing “o” on keyboard
Add items by clicking on the icon and it will automatically added into your inventory
Get Unlimited stacks of items or tools by hold shift and left click on the icon (working only in single player)
Save states (single-player only), there are several slots for you to save your inventory and load it whenever you want to use
Fast crafting by right-click on the output area when crafting to get the maximum amount
ast transfer – hold shift on your keyboard when placing items into the chest, or from chest to your inventory, to transfer all items in one-click


Start Menu -> Run
Type in %appdata%
Find bin folder inside of .minecraft folder
Right-click on minecraft.jar and open it with WinRAR or 7Zip
Drag Too Many Items files into opened minecraft.jar
Delete a folder in named “META-INF” in minecraft.jar

Enjoy Life!


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