DetHas Version 0.4 Has Been Released

Posted by : Questshooter | On : September 24, 2011

Hey everybody after a day of testing the 0.4 adventure map. I am able to provide to you guys! Yipee! It now includes all 3 new puzzles. With the same cutting edge. Not alot of new dialouge, to help go along with the story but mostly I guess! Also, I must have forgotten to add last time that you need to Patch your minecraft using MCPatcherHD. That is a must, if you are using the same texturepack.

Download: DetHas 0.4 with Texture Pack and MCPatcherHD

What’s new in 0.4

Update Log:

Fixed Left-Over Item Glitch
Dropbox Download Problem
Renaming problems
javaw.exe crash fix
3 New Puzzles
1) “Some people like to see the world burn” puzzle room
2) Hatch scaling puzzle room
3 Nether Say Nether Puzzle Room
Also New Room [ Lapis Dome]
New Dialouge added
Fixed Always Raining Glitch


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